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"Creve Coeur" by Jacob M Appel

"Creve Coeur" by Jacob M Appel
This story is from the anthology "Scouting for the Reaper" put together and written by Jacob M. Appel.
Ever hurt by love?  Fallen for the wrong girl and had your heart broken in two?  Then this story is right up your alley.  This is a story about love, how strong of a bond it can form, and how quickly it can break a heart.  This is also about the relationships that form over a lifetime and the strength of a marriage put through the ringer.
A family, living in Creve Coeur, Rhode Island, are meandering through life when a woman by the name of Sheila Stanton enters their life, again.  The story is told through the voice and eyes of a fifteen-year-old boy named Wade.  His father, Charlie, owned and ran a small lighting store.  He was expanding his store to include the space bought on each side of his store.  During the opening ceremony a fifteen year old girl came up and started asking around for Mr. Dortmund.  When Charlie inquired about wh…