Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Down There by Keith Minnion

Down There by Keith Minnion 

This story came out of Cemetery Dance issue #73. 

The writing style of this story was pretty good.  The story flowed along and pacing was good.  I really like the tension that the writer gave to the story throughout.  However, the ending lacked in a good finish. 

This was a short piece of fiction, but felt like it could have been longer.  I think if there had been more room for the story to grow the ending could have had a more spectacular finish. 

The story basically is a super secret scientist was in a meeting.  He failed in whatever the meeting was about and couldn't talk them into believing what he had to say.  He flies back to Alaska where the naval base is located.  From there he reports on the meeting to his friend and commanding officer.  After that he goes into a dark room with an altar and dies. 

A little bit more explanation of what the meeting was referring to would have been helpful.  What the altar represented also was not really explained so there isn't any context on why it was important.   

The story it self was interesting.  It had a strong start, good story telling and writing style, but the ending just ruined everything for me

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