Red in Tooth and Cog by Cat Rambo

Red in Tooth and Cog by Cat Rambo  
I read this story in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in the March/April 2016 issue. 
There is also an interview on the magazines website that interviews Cat Rambo about this story in particular.

This was an interesting story.  Once I was able to get into the story I liked the idea that Cat Rambo was exploring.  Upon reading the story I felt this was going to be some sort of redemption story.  For the most part I believe that's what it became. 

A woman loses something precious to her and in her quest to find her missing item, befriends the most unlikely of things.  She starts to befriend appliances with AI that self replicate, propagate, and regenerate.  The appliances redeem her in the end as she redeems herself. 

I really enjoyed this story.  It was different.  It was heart-warming in it's own way.  Overall I enjoyed the theme throughout.


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