Monday, December 12, 2016

“Stray Magic” by Diana Peterfreund

“Stray Magic” by Diana Peterfreund 

This story comes from the anthology “Under My Hat (Tales from the Cauldron)” edited by Jonathan Strahan. 
From Diana Peterfreund’s Blog: 

A note from Diana on her contribution, “Stray Magic”: I am so excited to be a part of this amazing anthology, edited by the legendary Jonathan Strahan. “Stray Magic” is one of the most deeply personal stories I’ve ever written, inspired by my work with foster dogs. It’s the story of a young woman, Malou, and the strange animal that shows up at her dog shelter. It’s a tale of kindness, hope, and unexpected magic and it may just make you cry. You’ve been warned. 

I really enjoyed this story.  I must admit I am a dog person.  I love dogs and this touched that dog lover spot.  How can you not love a magical dog who is truly loyal to his master? 

A dog has been tagged to be moved to a no kill shelter.  A girl, named Malou, goes and picks up the dog that is supposed to be a golden retriever.  However, Malou sees nothing but a mangy white hair dog that is falling apart. 

While trying to name the dog, she discovers she can communicate with the dog telepathically.  She finds out the dog is a familiar for a witch and has magical abilities.  The dog doesn’t know what happened to his master and was found just wandering around the side of a highway. 

Malou finds out that without the master, the dog will die within three day.  Time starts ticking as she tries to figure out what to do, or maybe at least find another witch that can help. 

This was a very easy story to read.  The writing was well done and flowed smoothly.  Pacing was great and was an emotional roller coaster.  This is one of the few short stories that has tugged at my emotional heartstrings.  Diana Peterfreund dives in, grabs your emotion, and manipulates you all the way through a magical journey.  I loved every second of this story

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