Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Dune by Stephen King

"The Dune" is a short story written by Stephen King.  I read this story in "The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror of 2012 by Paula Guran (Editor)" and published by Prime Books.

This is a story about an old man, who is a retired judge, and a mysterious island he frequently travels to like an addict with a drug.  He enjoys spending time on the island and often spends his days napping in the sun on the islands beach.  Then after spending the day at the island he calls up his friend, and attorney, to update his will.  He sits down and tells his attorney the story of the island.

This was a great short story.  Stephen King is a master at the short fiction craft.  With his origins starting with short stories and his mastering the craft over so many decades it was a pleasure to read.

We enter the story with the old man heading to the island.  There is a feel of the fraility of the old man and then we find out he's a judge and a bit more about him.  I like how the old man, or the judge, is portrayed.  He is old and feeble, but at one time he reigned supreme.

Enter into the picture his friend the attorney.  They spend time together going over the judge’s will and make final touches.  After they are done the judge decides to tell the story of the island.

There is a great Stephen King twist at the end.  Of what us constant readers have come to expect.

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