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“Mistborn: The Well of Ascension” by Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn: The Well of Ascension” by Brandon Sanderson 
Series: Mistborn Book 2 

This is the second installment of the Mistborn series.  We are back with Vin, Elend, and the rest of Kelsier's crew.  The Lord Ruler is dead and Elend is now king.  The only problem is now there are three armies sitting at the doorstep of Luthadel waiting to lay siege against the kingdom. 

Elend is king, but he wants a fair and balanced government.  He creates a democracy and writes up the new laws and government policies.  The only problem?  Is that type of government truly what the society wants?  Everyone seemed content with the Lord Ruler telling them everything they were to do, say, or even how to dress.  How would Elend get them to see the reason behind a healthy democracy?  The same stuff that him, his friend Jastes, and others, would sit around and philosophize about What they considered a better form of government.  They were idealists, but had no plan of action.  When it came to Elend taking control over Luthadel a lot of bullies and strong willed men showed up.  Then all the books he read on political theory were forgotten and the real world set in. 

Elend and Vin have to figure out what to do about the three armies sitting outside their walls waiting to attack.  Elend is losing control of his kingdom and wrote the very laws that are pushing him out of the picture.  Vin found another, yet mysterious, Mistborn that she is seeking answers from.  They spar at night and Vin can't figure out if he is friend or foe. 

I noticed with this book there is a heavy love story throughout the book.  Sanderson really delves into the relationship between Elend and Vin.  I thought the book could of done without SO much of the relationship, does he love, does he love me not, that was going on throughout the story.  Some of love stuff would have been ok, but I felt he went a little heavy handed on the lovey dovey stuff. 

Other than being heavy handed on the love scene, Sanderson does a great job of building conflict.  He draws you into the politics of running a kingdom and the backdoor dealings.  The rising conflict between armies sitting at your door waiting to slaughter you.  There was constant tension and it just built throughout the story.  And in typical Sanderson fashion, the last third of the book just snowballed down in action and answering some questions from previous questions posed earlier in the story. 

This is a hell of a good time and fun ride.  Can't wait to get into the final book of the trilogy and find out he wraps everything up.

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