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"Great Blue Heron" by Joyce Carol Oates

"Great Blue Heron" by Joyce Carol Oates
This story comes from the anthology "Black Feathers: Dark Avian Tales" edited by Ellen Datlow.
This story was interesting.  The prose was wonderful and sucked you right into the story from the get go.  I was hooked from the first line of this story.
A woman, Claudia,  heard

"Breathe My Name" by Christopher Golden

"Breathe My Name" by Christopher Golden
This story comes from the collection "Tell My Stories To The Stones" written by Christopher Golden.
Tommy Betts first entered the mine when he was eighteen.  Up to that point his father had been the only one in the family working the mine.  Tommy was always afraid for his father in the mines.  Tommy used to think that one day his father, Al Betts, would drill straight intohell.  It wasn't until Tommy entered the mine that he realized it wasn't that far off from what he used to fear for his father.
In the mine the men were by themselves.  Nobody could save them if the mine decided to collapse.  And even the most toughest man freaked out occasionally from claustrophobia..  There were many things that could go wrong in the mine.
One day  after the crew was lowered into the mine via mantrip, one of the crew asked Tommy if he smelled anything funny.  Tommy told him that he didn't smell anything and left it at that. …

"Shooting the Apocalypse" by Paolo Bacigalupi

"Shooting the Apocalypse" by Paolo Bacigalupi
This story comes from the anthology "Loosed Upon The World" edited by John Joseph Adams.
The end of the world?  Or maybe just the beginning to the end?  This story was definitely a wake-up call for some of the basic resources we have here on earth.  One of them in particular, water.
Texas has dried up and Phoenix is one of the few towns that still has water.  Phoenix's water supply is served by a canal that connects to the Colorado River.  The canal is called CAP, or Central Arizona Project.  The CAPis made of cementand protected by surrounding chain link fencing.  The CAP is an engineering feat of great magnitude.  The bureaucrats successfully negotiated the project before all of Texas dried up.  In the end Phoenix had better government officials.
Texans are constantly trying to breach the CAP for water.  There is a sort of civil war between Texans and the residents of Phoenix.  They hate each other to the poin…