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"Deatherz" by Alex S. Johnson

"Deatherz" by Alex S. Johnson 

This story comes from the anthology "Rejected For Content: Splattergore" edited by Catt Dahman. 

This story was a bit out there.  Not sure exactly what to make of everything, or even what everything meant.  It read like a drug fueled trip through the night.  Not sure if the writing was meant to depict a drug fueled night or not, but regardless of intent that's the depiction that came off. 

This was a story of a girl named Mon.  I'm still unclear if she was just a junkie club goer who got her drugs and sex fix by fucking random guys or if she was some sort of prostitute.  There wasn't any mention of money transferring between anyone, so I'm leaning on the side of addict club whore.   

Mon is at the club Opera when a rock star rolls up in a limo and picks her up for some fun.  When she arrives at his place it turns out there is a party going on.  Before she realizes what happens the rock star, Razor Blakk, disappears into the crowd.  Mon decides to go looking for some drugs and get her fix before looking for Razor Blakk.  That's where the story turns trippy. 

The rest of the story follows her around on her quest to find drugs and get her sexual kicks.  Warning to those who are sensitive to certain things: this story contains S&M sex, a rape scene, incest, and oddly enough a necrophiliac threesome.  Like I said this was a trippy damn story. 

The story itself was odd, but I could get into the story if it was done differently.  Getting into the story was a bit difficult though.  Following the story was often difficult and understanding what was going on at almost any given time was hard.  I also didn't care for the writing style of this particular story.  The whole story was supposedly goth related, but other than a few bits here and there nothing actually depicting anything about goths. 

The whole story was just a weird pornographic trip.


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