Friday, March 10, 2017

"Pubienne Tueur De Cheveux" by Essel Pratt

"Pubienne Tueur De Cheveux" by Essel Pratt 

This story comes from the anthology "Rejected For Content: Splattorgore" edited by Catt Dahman. 

Let's start of with what the title actually means.  The English translation for the title amounts to "Pubic Hair Killer." 

This was a hard-boiled cop story.  Although not quite as you might expect a hard-boiled detective story to be. 

Detective Mansfield is a woman detective that doesn't put up with shit.  She'll fuck up your day and be perfectly happy she was able to help you achieve misery.  All she cares about is catching the bad guys, the puzzle of crime, and the game of it all. 

There is a serial rapist going around raping young girls and then slitting their throats.  Detective Mansfield, who works freelance, shows up at the latest crime scene.  There is something different about this rape.  The girl lived to tell about it.  That's out of the ordinary for the serial rapist.  The M.O. has changed and Detective Mansfield wants to know why.  So she follows the case all the way down the rabbit hole.  You'll get that joke if you read the end of the story. 

This was actually a good story.  You have to be prepared for no holds barred themes.  There is graphic content in this story.  Graphic sexual content, including rape, and not to leave out domination.  If the graphic content doesn’t bother you and your hardcore give this one a try. 

The story was actually interesting and there was a mystery whodunit involved.  You'll find out who did what by the end of the story so there is a satisfying conclusion.  The end MIGHT seem a little obvious to some who are reading.  The foreshadowing is definitely there, but the twist at the end is what gives it that extra oomph.

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  1. Thank you for the amazing review! For those interested, the story of Detective Mansfield has been expanded into a full novel. Check out Lacrimation of the Leviathan for the full story!


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