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"Old Virginia" by Laird Barron

"Old Virginia" by Laird Barron This story came out of the collection "The Imago Sequence" by Laird Barron. This was the first story I've read by Laird Barron.  I was really impressed with his style and writing.  He is definitely imaginative and tells a great story.  I will be looking forward to reading more of his stories and collections. This story was about a man named Roger Garland.  He was a decorated military officer and now was working security for the "Company", black ops, most likely CIA.  He was approached by a man of very high standing named Herman Strauss to do a final security job before completely retiring. The job was supposed to be a simple babysitting job.  Supervise a crew of security guys while two scientists did some research in a remote cabin owned by Strauss.  Roger was not so easily duped into thinking it was just a simple babysitting job and asked a few more questions. He found out the job was for a project called MK Ultra.  A covert…

"Extraction Request" by Rich Larson

"Extraction Request" by Rich Larson
This story comes from the anthology "The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Vol. 2" edited by Neil Clarke.
This is a story about a squad leader, named Elliot, and his squad.  Elliot is the squad leader of the team that was flying through the air of the planet.  He is also the squad leader addicted to pain killers.  Although he tries to hide this fact from his squad many of them notice the changes in him.  He's not fooling anyone.
The squad wasflying through the air of a planet when they hit a smart mine and went down.  The planet was covered in large swathes of fungi.  Fields of it for miles.  Small amounts of flora, but pretty much just the fungi all around them.
They went down pretty hard, but with only one casualty.  Beasley was pretty much sheared in half, but still coherent.  He sent out a ripple to the squad.  Each squad member saw the flash of light on their optic visor that allowed them an up or down vote on whe…

"Filthy Movie: An Extremely Sadistic Short Story" by Wade H. Garrett

"Filthy Movie: An Extremely Sadistic Short Story" by Wade H. Garrett
This was a stand-alone short story.  The story was written for a project called "The Devil's Guests" by Matt Shaw.  The project was a novel that had chapters written by different authors introducing characters into the story for the serial killer to off.  This short story was the result of what Wade Garrett wrote for the project.  
The project ended up cutting 2/3 or more of his story and heavily edited the rest of the work.  Since the story was essentially gutted down to nothing Wade Garrett decided to put out the full version of the story and make it available to read unabridged.  That is the story I read.
This story came with a warning of extreme violence, sadistic tendencies, and just horror taken to the extreme.  This warning is what piqued my interest.  I had to see what a story was about that came with a warning label.  Let's just say that the author didn't disappoint.  Thi…

"I Have Been Drowned In Rain" by Carrie Vaughn

"I Have Been Drowned In Rain" by Carrie Vaughn
This story comes out Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine April 2017, issue #223.
This was a fun little sword and sorcery story.  It has been awhile since I've seen sword and sorcery in short form.  The story was a great little romp, just long enough to give a quick scene of what could be a great novel.
A party led by Jared, a knight, is stuck on the banks of the sea.  It is pouring rain and there are no ships that are going out into the water at this time of the day.  They have to find a ship and sail across the sea, but the catch is, all without getting caught.