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"Filthy Movie: An Extremely Sadistic Short Story" by Wade H. Garrett

"Filthy Movie: An Extremely Sadistic Short Story" by Wade H. Garrett 

This was a stand-alone short story.  The story was written for a project called "The Devil's Guests" by Matt Shaw.  The project was a novel that had chapters written by different authors introducing characters into the story for the serial killer to off.  This short story was the result of what Wade Garrett wrote for the project.   

The project ended up cutting 2/3 or more of his story and heavily edited the rest of the work.  Since the story was essentially gutted down to nothing Wade Garrett decided to put out the full version of the story and make it available to read unabridged.  That is the story I read. 

This story came with a warning of extreme violence, sadistic tendencies, and just horror taken to the extreme.  This warning is what piqued my interest.  I had to see what a story was about that came with a warning label.  Let's just say that the author didn't disappoint.  This story was extreme. 

A couple, Duncan, and his lover, Christie, rented a hotel room and started to get hot and heavy with each other in bed.  As they were in the throes of love in walked a man named Henry.  He owned the motel the couple were staying at.  With him he brought an old fashioned style VHS camcorder and a tripod. 

Duncan jumped up to ask who the hell this man thought he was when Henry pulled out a knife and swiped it across Duncan's chest.  Duncan and Christie got the idea that he meant business pretty fat. 

Henry had the couple move the mattress.  Under the mattress was a wooden platform of sorts with shackles at the top and bottom of the bed attached to cables.  Henry had both of them secure the shackles around their feet and ankles.  Once he was sure they were secure, his fun was about to start.  That also meant that Duncan's and Christie's lives were about to be changed forever. 

Henry showed them 2 wheels that he had created.  One wheel had different sexual acts written on each pie piece that the spokes of the wheel created.  Things like titty fuck, anal, eating balls, etc., where some of the acts written on the wheel spokes.  One the second wheel in each spoke pie piece where their names, Duncan and Christie.  One name in every other spoke, with the other name taking up the rest of the slots. 

Each person, Duncan, or Christie, had to spin the first wheel to find out what sex act would be performed.  Then they would spin the second wheel twice.  The first time to find out who the sex act would be done to, and the second time to find out who would do the actual sex act.  For example, Duncan could spin the first wheel and land on titty fuck, and spin the second wheel, find out he would be titty fucked, and then the second spin he would find out that Christie would be doing the titty fuck to him.  As you can see this game can go wrong very quickly.  And what kind of extreme horror story would this be if that game didn't go horribly wrong? 

The point Henry explained to them was that he wanted to make a movie.  Only he would watch the movie, it was a movie just for him, but he wanted the movie to be dirty.  He wanted the movie to be exciting.  Even after Duncan and Christie fucked in front of him that wasn't dirty enough.  The game would spice things up a little bit.  And so it did. 

This story was extreme.  If you are offended by violence, or torture, sex, or even rape, this is not the story for you.  Heed the warning of the author and editor of the story.  They are not just coming up with fiction to sell a book.  They are telling you the truth, so be forewarned. 

I found this story to be quite intriguing overall.  I also found it quite a bit far-out there as well.  I mean no one said we were going for realistic horror with the story, but I didn't feel this would of met that criteria.  It was gruesome and sadistic, but just to far off from being "believable." 

Now with the suspension of disbelief at hand, I let myself fall into the story.  It was very easy to get into this story.  It was like a train wreck.  I could see what was going to happen, but I couldn't look away, I didn't want to look away.  I wanted to see every bloody, sadistic, sex game act played out. (Not sure what that says about me...)  The author went into great detail of the acts of the game. 

There was one point where the imagery was so vivid and detailed that I felt like I wanted to throw up.  I actually felt my gag reflex kick in.  That's some good horror there.  That's some good writing and description. 

Looking past the story and what is depicts is what lies underneath.  What makes it tick.  The writing, the structure, the description, this story had all of that.  I felt the writing style flowed easily and after a couple minutes you never even realized you were reading anymore.  Nothing flashy or showy, just down to earth writing. 

The description was also very good for this story.  The author did a great job at showing what was being done.  At the same time of showing what was being done he made you FEEL what was being done.  That is a tricky bit to the writing and he pulled it off quite well. 

A well written, and descriptive story.  A good horror story, above the top, but it was a scary as hell ride.  The ending had a fine conclusion.  I felt it was a bit cliché with the ending, but I don't think it hurt the story any.  In fact in the very last few paragraphs of describing what was being done, I actually laughed a little trying to picture Henry wearing what he was wearing.  It was so sick it was comical.


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