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"Left of Bang: Preemptive Self-Actualization Autonomous Systems" by Vajra Chandrasekera

"Left of Bang: Preemptive Self-Actualization Autonomous Systems" by Vajra Chandrasekera 

This story comes from Clarkeworld Magazine issue #127, April 2017.  You can read it free here: 

I'm not sure which direction the author was taking this story, but I'll talk about the way I perceived this story and what I thought it was about. 

A new model of android was being developed and tested.  More than likely this was a private firm who developed the android.  They had the full range of people in the group testing the android.  Engineers, cyberneticists, programmers, psychologists, project managers, and even more including the people funding this android project. 

The goal of the testing was assassinations.  They were testing to see if they could assassinate the android and how the android responded to each threat.  There were many different types of tests each becoming more difficult with each phase of testing. 

Eventually the final phase of testing came around.  Lookout killer on the loose! 

This was a fairly short story, but doesn't mean that it was bad at all.  There was quite a bit of story in that short story.  This story encompassed the emotions of the android while he was being tested and also showed the lack of emotions.  It had action and conflict.  The author fit it all in this story. 

The ending was how I could really see a project like this ending.  I actually laughed after the last part of the ending because of who was left alive.  That is also what made me suppose this was a private firm, but could very well of been a government agency as well.  Either way sometimes secrets go to the grave. 

I enjoyed this quick read very much.  Like I said it even made me laugh.  The story read fast and packed quite the wallop

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