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A Good Home by Karin Lowachee

"A Good Home" by Karin Lowachee I read this story from the anthology "The Best Science Fiction of the Year Vol. 2" edited by Neil Clarke. This story was a touching story of two war vets.  What made them slightly different is that one of them was an artificial intelligence.  The other was crippled from war and bound to a wheelchair.  With time,  patience, and a little understanding these two war vets came to grips with the horrors of war together. During the time the story took place wars were being fought by androids of sorts.  They were sentient beings, but created by humans.  They were programmed with everything needed for war, but were also given emotion.  For one android the horrors of war became too much for him.

"Quiet Bullets" by Christopher Golden

"Quiet Bullets" by Christopher Golden
This story comes from the collection "Tell My Sorrows To The Stones" written by Christopher Golden.
This was a story of a young boy named Teddy who lived in Tucson, Arizona.  He was your average young boy who went to school, walked home with his friends, Rachel and Sedesky, or Mikey as Rachel liked to call him.  Every now and then the bullies of the school, Artie and his gang, would bully Teddy and Sedesky.  They didn't like them walking home with the older girl Rachel.
One day after walking home with Rachel and Sedesky they said their goodbyes and each headed to their home.  As Teddy approached his home he clearly saw a cowboy by his front gate.  There was something strange about this cowboy though.
The cowboy was an honest to goodness cowboy.  Every cliché you could imagine.  Though what Teddy found peculiar is that the light went through the cowboy.  There wasn't any shadow.  The cowboy was more of a translucen…